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I'm Not Here to Just Deliver a Product.
I'm Here
For You!
When most people think of a photographer or videographer, they think of the person that shows up, goes home, and then delivers a product. However, there is way much more to it than that, at least for me anyway! I'll be there with you every step of the way for any questions you may have. Do you have a certain vision for what you want? I'd love to chat with you about it! When it comes to weddings, I'll be there to set up a schedule to make sure everything you have planned gets captured and to help us stay on track throughout the day and making sure it stays focused on what's important; your LOVE! You won't be just another client to me.
Photography and videography is not just about the end product, but an experience as a whole. My hope with your session is that you come out just feeling happy and closer to the ones you love. I hope that feeling progresses, even more, when you receive your gallery of these amazing moments. When you look back on your photos or videos in the future, I hope it reminds you of those special moments putting a smile on your face and filling you with those warm, fuzzy feelings.

Photo pricing starts at $1,650.

Video pricing starts at $2,000.

Couples + Engagements

Photo pricing starts at $250.


Individual pricing starts at $150.

Families & group pricing starts at $300.


Photo and video pricing varies per event. Contact me to get a custom quote!

  • Do you travel?
    Absolutely! I love traveling! Reach out to me and we can work out a custom package.
  • I'm real awkward in front of the camera! Do you help with that?
    You're not alone! In fact, I feel awkward in front of the camera sometimes, too! No worries! I'll help calm your nerves and feel more relaxed and confident. My goal is to capture who you are, as you are. If you're a couple, I want the photos to be an extension of your love, showing how you truly feel. I try to have a balance of those Instagrammable poses you see online with those genuine moments as if I'm a fly on the wall to hit you right in the feels.
  • When and how will I receive my final product?
    You can typically expect your photos or video within two months of your session. Photography sessions will be delivered through an online gallery where you will be able to download all of your edited photos in high resolution. You'll also be able to order prints directly from your gallery if you would like. Videos will be delivered through a Vimeo link where you'll be able to download it if you want to put it on DVD, thumb drives, etc.
  • Do you back up your photos and videos?
    Yes! After each session, I back up all files onto three different external hard drives to ensure your memories stay safe and secure. Additionally, I keep your files for many years in case you ever lose access to them.
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