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Meet Mark

One thing I love most about this profession is that I get to know and develop relationships with my clients so it’s only appropriate for you to get to know me, too.


To start off with, I am 27 years old and currently call Florida my home. My passion for storytelling through photos and videos sparked in middle school where I was part of the Yearbook team. This drive grew throughout high school and into college. I bought my first camera sophomore year where I started doing some freelance work with different campus organizations, grad photos, and other gigs. I graduated from Florida State in May of 2018 with a degree in Digital Media Production. 


Other than capturing moments throughout my life and the lives of others, I enjoy going on adventures. Whether it be somewhere across town or across the world, I love traveling and going places. I also love theme parks, bacon cheeseburgers, anything Reese's, and spending way too much time on Netflix and YouTube.


Feel free to follow me on my personal Instagram: @marktheyoung


Why I Do It?

I love using photos and videos to tell stories of people and their experiences throughout life. It’s incredible to think that I can trap a moment in time and freeze those feelings for someone to look back on forever. My Dad had passed away when I was 22 and I discovered his old photo albums with pictures that he had taken. It filled me with emotion being able to see glimpses of his life throughout time and knowing that I have the ability to provide that for others is amazing.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Favorite foods include bacon cheeseburgers, coconut shrimp, and chicken fingers.

I will watch just about any movie, but love Marvel, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

I love theme parks especially Universal Studios and Disney World.

My favorite artists include AJR and Ben Rector, and I'm a sucker for some Taylor Swift.

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